You can manage your business, tracking cards with a lot of amazing feature to help you. UFEQ-NET Packages (Earthlink clients only) contains three applications devided by it actions and how these apps can do

  • UFEQ-NET (Company - Agent):      Manages accounting
  • Card online:                                        Make easy for clients buy cards from their end and sunc. their transactions
  • ALUFEQ-NETWORK:                        Clients can change serial affiliate and no need to his main affiliate provider

What is AL-Ufeq Net

This application let you manage you business easy. So, you can win time by one click. We create this app. and made it connected with Earthlink main affiliate so you can sync data from the main affiliate.

We added a wonderful feature for this app. Now, you can active or refill customer account from ALUFEQ-NET and no need to open your affiliate, plus SMS will be send for our server to the customer. You can download information pdf file download

  • Online database, you can log into your data from anywhere anytime.
  • Import data from csv or Excel and you can export reports to Excel, Word, PDF, HTML and more.
  • Giving permission to your employees, make you manage your business easy.
  • Application forms are easy to deal with and have nice looking.
  • Daily backup. You can request a backup even for 28 days later.